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Netplex Pickleball Club

NPC - Netplex Pickleball Club

  • Please introduce yourself to your partner and opponents before every game.

  • Please call the entire number score loudly before you serve every time.

  • Please call balls “out” only on your side.

  • Spectators should not call lines.

  • Immediately stop play when “Ball On” is called. “Ball On” should only be called if it is a safety issue or affects the point at that time.

  • Do not blindly hit balls that roll onto your court. Confirm someone is ready to receive it.

  • Do not run onto an adjacent court to retrieve your ball. Please ask for assistance.

  • Tap paddles at the conclusion of every game, exit the court promptly, and avoid interfering with play on an adjacent court.

  • Refrain from advising/coaching players unless they ask for your help and/or advice.

  • Do not walk across the back of any court during a live ball.

  • All levels of players are welcome to play on Open Play days. Please look at our Calendar scheduled for any restrictions as to Courts that are reserved or Leagues playing times.

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